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Southside Family,

Summer is officially upon us! Yes, that’s right our favorite time of year when the weather is warm and the roads are hot with many a tire tread spinning families all across the nation on vacation. It is also the time of year when many church’s begin to dwindle in number across all aged ministries. As your pastor, allow me to encourage you to attend regularly over the summer, but also do not neglect the opportunity to take a break and go on those family trips! It is very important to not only the livelihood of you and your family, but also very important for our church. God calls all Christians to a time of rest. I always hear many pastors and youth pastors alike dreading the summer months for no other reason than statistical numbers. Let’s face it, we do judge our church’s effectiveness upon such numbers. However, I see things a bit different, as the summer also provides opportunity to send our members into the mission fields across the nation under the guise of vacationers. Yes that right, its not summer slump, its summer send. While out on important rest over the next month or two, always remember that even while on rest, we are still a witness unto Him! Always look for those opportunities, and while our church may not benefit at all for you leading one to Christ in another state, we must keep in mind that we are kingdom minded Christians, not church number watchers. Go with Christ in mind, and enjoy! For this summer could be your best “rest” ever.

Be Intentional,





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