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From the Pastor

Southside Family,

 Two of the best things about Southside is the love in which is shown for others and one another, and the desire we have to teach a new generation of leaders. What a great privilege it is to see those grow in Christ and in responsibility to His church. With that in mind that I announce that Bro. Cody will be directing the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper on Feb 12th. Cody is both licensed and ordained as a minister, and by God’s calling is completely qualified to lead this service. Come join us on that Sunday morning to be a part of the loving tradition of training up new leaders, as well as celebrating God’s grace through the Lord’s Supper.  Check out the rest of the calendar for more amazing events, and remember to have Courage, Rise up, because He calls! 


Be Intentional,

Bro. Aaron





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