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Southside Family,

It is good to be back in the fold! My family and I enjoyed our vacation to Arkansas! The week long get away was exactly what we needed. I appreciate our church family giving us this time of refreshment. Although we did not find any diamonds, we knew we could come home to continue to serve our church family. Such riches can never be dug up, they must be granted by God’s provision.

We are currently working on more ways for our church family to stay connected. Our goal is for everyone to have a live connection every Sunday morning, but it is taking longer than we expected. I appreciate the efforts of our Technology Ministry Team and staff who have been tasked with this goal. The technology has the ability to make our lives easier, but it comes with a steep learning curve for installation and operation. Once testing is complete, we will formally announce availability. We are trying to make the system simple to use and available to everyone with no special computers, downloads, or passwords required. This will hopefully allow us to never shut down Sunday Morning services again, regardless of influences that are out of our control. These influences include potential government shut downs and the spread of the virus in our communities. Although this task is full of challenges, our Tech Team and Staff have taken it on with a smile. Hopefully we can roll out one, if not two, portions of this plan before the end of the month! God is Good, and only He can show us the way. Praying for our church, community, and our families is the best medicine!


Be Intentional,





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