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Southside Family,

One of the most important things a pastor must do outside of preaching the Gospel faithfully, is to guard the flock from what is being taught in his absence. This is why I am so incredibly grateful that God has placed many  good men in my life, who I trust without fail, to fill the pulpit in my absence. Acts 20:28-30 teaches us that the Holy Spirit has made ministers overseers of the flock, that is, shepherds, they must be true to their trust. This is probably the scariest part of a Pastor’s calling; Knowing the level of accountability, along with the nature of the calling can be difficult, yet joyful at the same time! However, this calling to provide safety for the spiritual health of the church extends to their physical safety as well. Considering the times and the unheard of tragedies that have come to our fellow believers through violence within their church walls, we can no longer sit idle and assume such events can’t happen here. Therefore, we will host a Town Hall Meeting, March 22nd at 6:00 PM. During this meeting we will provide communication regarding small measures that can be put into place that will immediately increase our safety, and you may voice any safety concerns that you may have as well.  Be in prayer starting now, and ask God what is it He would like for you to bring up concerning the safety of our church. We will make God’s plan our priority! I am looking forward to hearing form everyone.



Be Intentional,





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